Rauf Lala recalls declining ‘Bigg Boss’ offer because of his ‘paan’ addiction


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Renowned Pakistani comedian, actor, writer and producer Rauf Lala has been a popular name within the Pakistani entertainment circuit. With a career spanning over thirty years, the comedian began his journey at the One Day Theatre back in 1985 and has since appeared on multiple comedy reality shows and films in Pakistan and India alike.

More recently, the Tamasha Ghar contestant sat down with Nadir Ali for a podcast where he revealed he had also been presented with the opportunity to partake in the popular Indian TV show, Bigg Boss. Discussing how he was approached in 2007 for the show, Lala revealed that he had to decline the offer, irrespective of being promised a large stipend of one and a half crore Indian rupees at the time.

The actor recalled, “It was a show produced by the same production house that made Laughter Challenge. The producers asked me to do Bigg Boss, they briefed me about the format of the show, but I refused it.”

When asked why he let such a life-changing opportunity go, Lala said he felt the need to inquire about whether he would be provided with paan (betel leaves) during his time there. When his wish was declined, the guest disclosed that he immediately also had to decline the offer on account of having to give up on paan for the three months’ time he would be spending in the house of the Bigg Boss.

While speaking with Ali, he even admitted to harbouring an unhealthy habit; “Paan, I am addicted to. Thankfully I don’t have any other faults… it is such a bad habit that I would ask anyone for it.”

Lala’s most well-known triumph occurred in 2006 with an appearance on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, a reality TV show where the comedic sensation became the first Pakistani to win any major Indian contest.

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