PWF conducts one day workshop at Awami Press Club Malir


Pakistan Workers Fedration held a day workshop regarding Covid 19 at Awami Press Club Malir here on yesterday where social workers, lady health workers, journalists and workers participated redundantly.

On that occasion social leader and trainer expert Abdul Jabar Khaskheli told having awareness that Covid 19 was commenced from China and spread all over the world and brought a big destruction due to what millions of people have been dead and billions have been affected and it has hit economic of world, social relationships and human life badly.

He said that world’s medical experts have told only a way to be protected from Covid 19 is to have social distance, wash hands and apply face masks and others.

He said that only those countries will survive a head which will adopt preventative precautions regarding Covid 19.

He emphasised on people of Pakistan to adopt preventative precautions to secure lives of them, their beloveds and country peoples otherwise due to carelessness just cry, regret will come in hand.

General Secretary of PWF Sindh Asad- u-Allah Memon said that due to covid 19 not only precious human lives have been lost but also economic of Pakistan has been destroyed, unemployment and crime have been increased, social relationships have been bad, chaos has spread in the country like Pakistan.

He said that man has to be responsible for the defence of his nation and race from covid 19, now people have to make a budget of their monthly expenditures adding face mask, sanitiser and hand washing soap in articles list so that they can utilise such things in order to have safety from corona virus.

On that occasion Journalists of Awami Press Club Saami Memon, Arshad Ali Gabol and others also addressed.

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