Publication of books by Sindh Bureau of Statistics


Karachi: Experts said that efforts have been made to keep the data collected by the government secret. Without statistics there can be no better planning and no development.

These views were expressed by Secretary Planning and Development Sindh Faisal Ahmad Aqili, Director General Dr. Ishaq Ansari, economist Qaiser Bengali, journalist Mazhar Abbas, Nazir Leghari, Dr. Riaz Sheikh and others in the program organized by the Sindh Bureau of Statistics.

On behalf of the Sindh Bureau of Statistics, three books, Fifty Years of Sindh Statistics in the Mirror, Sindh Statistics 2022, Sindh Mineral Statistician. Secretary Planning and Development Sindh Faisal Ahmed Aqeeli said that there would be difficulties regarding the work. But the Sindh government solves the problems in planning until there is no data, no planning can be done He said that the data center has been established, the people have the right to get the data about the development work in their area and development schemes will be given according to the need of the area.

DG Bureau of Statistics Sindh Dr. Ishaq Ansari said that Sindh Bureau of Statistics was established in 1971. Worked well at first, not much attention later. But now the department is getting more attention. Some new programs have been started in the bureau. A program has been started to train journalists on the use of statistics in news.
Dr. Qaiser Bengali said that the state wants to hide the statistics, but the government of Sindh and the political leadership have done a very good job. This is happening only in Sindh in the whole country. Dr. Ishaq Ansari was appointed entirely on merit.

He said that the performance of Planning Development Department has improved and Sindh has also done very good work Sindh Revenue Board, is an example According to mineral data, not only Karachi division contributes to the production of the province, other districts also do. Journalist Nazir Leghari said that statistics were neglected here Now all the good work has been done by printing the books In development we always go backwards
The ruling class has been indifferent to us There is a need to collect social statistics about the city of Karachi
Journalist Mazhar Abbas said that those who do not have flags on their cars do the work in this country, those who have flags on their cars take credit.

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