PTI Government disappoints Public, Martial law impose can’t be ignored; Pirzada Yasir


Pirzada Yasir Central Vice President of PML-F stated that Citizen’s had hope from Imran Khan Government but he has disappointed public by raising the prices of Petrol, Electricity and Gas, PML-F leader share these views while speaking with media in Sanghar.

Moreover he added that, It is very hard now a days for the common man who is earning 15 thousand a month to fulfill daily needs of family as the current government is raising the prices of basic necessities day by day.

Pirzada Yasir said, the economic graph of country is going downwards which is weakening the economic condition of Pakistan.

Speaking with media On the question of PPP and MQM-Pakistan expected Coalition, he added that Imran Khan’s Government position is weak, if GDA, Mengal group or either members of MQM-Pakistan leave treasury benches in Central then the PTI Federal Government would end as they haven’t have single majority in the National Assembly.

He revealed that imposition of Martial law expected in country. On the question of amendment in NAB ordinance, he stated that, NAB is harassing the opponents of government.

“We are in favor of accountability, but it should not like revenge or targeting opponents only”, he said.
Further he expressed, Pakistan Muslim League Functional reorganization process would complete soon,whereas he ignore the chances of parting ways from Grand Democratic Alliance. 

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