PT Alif calls protest rally on handing overs Primary Schools to NGO


PT Alif organized expostulated rally from Murad Memon Degree Collage to Awami Press Club Malir against handed over schools to NGO and closed more than 60 government Primary Schools which was led by PT Alif Karachi President Anwar Balouch, Madam Anita Khan, Nadir Memon, Sarwar, Muhammad Raffiq Khaskheli, Abdul Qayoom Balouch and others.

Rally participanted by teachers in a great number who were gathered at Murad Memon Degree Collage and reached before Awami Press Club Malir marching from main market and hailing severe slogans against Sindh government holding banners and play cards in their hands.

On that occasion President of PT Alif Karachi Anwar Balouch addressed rally participants and said that they have astonishment on Sindh Government that it has decided to hand over worst and closed Malir’s rural area’s schools to NGO after snatching from government teachers which shows not only lack of confidence and trust on promising and faithful teachers but also its disgrace of them.

They said that after adopting schools NGO is behaving indignantly and badly with teachers due to that one faithful teacher Gul Hassan has died by heart attack and many are also suffering from different aliments.

They exemplified the disappointing result of Qaid-e-Azam Public School and said that NGO is playing with their children’s future in order to earn money just.

They demanded from Sindh Government and elected MNA and MPAs of Malir that teachers should be given their due respect and status of them should not be ruined also all schools which are handed over to failure NGO be taken back and if their demands are not acknowledged then they will protest all over Sindh.

Madam Anita said that those schools, institutions and children are naturalised who are orphan, teachers of Malir have made exemplary schools of far and wide areas facing troubles but greed of some money primary schools are handed over to NGO which is injustice.

Nadir Memon said that SAFE NGO gets built school on some distance of government school and it has opened its private school in Adam Hingorah Government School.

He said that its fun with poor and deprived children that adopted school’s children are paid 2 thousands monthly if such amount be paid to government school’s children then the result would be before government.

Madam Meh-ru-Nisa Khaskheli, Fayaz Balouch, Raffiq Khaskheli also others said that many teachers are participating today’s protesting rally so if justice is not had with teachers and their salaries are not paid then they will have sit-in before Chief Minister house.

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