PS Sharafi village Police recovers abducted girl from Bhittaiabad


A week ago 14 year old girl Salma D/O Muhammad Urs was abducted on 2 May whose FIR was registered on 10 May at PS Sharafi village under the complaint of her father Muhammad Urs.

In the FIR abducted girl’s father told that he works at cattle shed and when he was busy in work his wife called him and told that their daughter is missing then he went his home and searched her at their relatives and their neighbors but did not find her after a while he was informed that his ex-neighbors Rahim, Zafar Pusran Allah Dino, Raof and Raof’s wife Mehak kidnapped her daughter alluring and enticing with the intention of fornication.He also revealed that his daughter had taken 50 thousands away with her.

After the FIR people started searching accused and yesterday night SIO Inspector Ghulam Hussain Saheto had successful execution with police force at Bhittai Abad and recovered Salma D/O Muhammad Urs  although suspects ran away successfully taking a benefit of dark….

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