Proper diagnostic facilities are dire need of healthcare system of Tharparkar: Speakers   


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Tarparkar district has been neglected provision of proper diagnostic facilities at basic health facilities level in Tharparkar.

Blind therapy is one of the major reasons behind recurrence of health issues in Tharparkar and most of the healthcare units to provide adequate treatment to patients, compelling them to rush to Umerkot, Mithi and other major cities’ civil hospitals, and thereby stretching its already scarce resources to the limit, speakers said on an occasion of an inauguration ceremony for provision of CBC analyzer machine to THQ Kheme Jo Paar, taluka Dalhi, district Tharparkar. 

Mr. Natho Rahimoon, vice town chairman, Kheme Jo Par, expressed that provision of CBC analyzer machine at THQ Kheme Jo Par will provide free service to local patients and save time, energy and thousands of rupees of local people, that have paid to private laboratories in big cities. He further added that provision of machine is not less than mercy for local people.

Dr. Ghansham, Medical Superintendent of THQ Kheme Jo Par, pointed that that a number of doctors’ posts are also lying vacant because medical professionals are reluctant to serve in an area where they cannot profit from private practice that is so lucrative elsewhere. He shared that health facilities in remote area of Thar region are facing multifactor issues, we need help of organizations and institutions to rehabilitate healthcare system of region.

Dr. Rahib Ali shared that in 2021, AWARE provided CBC analyzer machine to THQ Chachro to reduce the plights of people, especially in the context of health issues. Terre dese hommes (tdh) Germany supported that initiative for THQ Chachro laboratory and ensured free diagnosing for all. According to record of laboratory, so far, 25322 patients were diagnosed by CBC machine and saved millions of rupees of local people.

Blind therapy is result of huge missing facilities issue at healthcare facilities, therefore, large numbers of patients move to other cities for treatment that put extra burden on their budget which is already minimal due to lack of livelihood opportunities in area.

Health care system of Tharparkar can be improved by rehabilitating health healthcare system at local level, social activist Ali Akbar Rahimoo shared his views.

He further added that after successful results CBC analyzer machine in THQ Chachro, AWARE requested to tdh to support THQ Kheme Jo paar, taluka Dalhi, district Tharparkar. AWARE is committed with poor people of region, we will support healthcare system of Thar region as much we can.

Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Kunbhar shared that by such initiatives of AWARE, will help to improve healthcare system of region and patients of area will get significant benefits and save large amounts that they used to get costly treatment from private healthcare system in nearby cities.

On the occasion Nusrat Bano, Fateh Ali Rahimoo, Ghulma Rasool, Daim and others shared their view and insisted to accelerate collaborative engagement of Govt and NGOs in the best interst of people living in deep desert of Tharparkar.

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