Profiteers should be sent to jail, Chairman Consumers Association of Pakistan


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Chairman Consumers Association of Pakistan while taking the notice of exaggerated prices of commodities in the month of Ramadan said that now it is the need of the hour that instead of imposing fines on wholesalers, the Karachi administration should send them directly into jails and seal their shops.

Kaukab Iqbal expressed these views while taking to media persons at CAP headquarters.

He also said that the payment received against imposing penalties on the shopkeepers can benefit the government accounts but it will fail to compensate the loss suffered by the consumers due to purchasing of daily commodities at expensive rates.

Chairman CAP said that the second phase of Ramadan has also started, but unfortunately not a single fruits, vegetables seller, retailers, meat seller and chicken seller are selling products to the consumers at the official rates as prescribed by the government, nor is the official price list is being displayed on any of the shops and stalls across Karachi city.

Moreover, the government price list is forcibly sold for Rs 15-20 instead of two rupees. The mafia involved in the malpractice of selling government list is collecting millions of rupees from the shopkeepers and stall holders on a daily basis in Karachi, Kaukab said.

Milk is being sold at the official rate of 200 rupees per liter but according to the Director General of Sindh Food Authority, water is being mixed in the milk sold at the shops due to which milk is available to the consumer at Rs 400 per kg as the consumer is getting half of the milk and the remaining half of the water.

Chairman of Consumer Association of Pakistan said that it seems that wholesalers have created their own empire and they have no fear of any wrong-doings. They are selling the goods at their own fixed prices.

In the holy month of Ramadan, retailers are robbing consumers with both hands. At one side, expensive items are being sold to the consumer with the measurements getting scrutinized, while on the other side the trend of mingling items has also increased.

Kaukab Iqbal questioned the government authorities as to how long consumers will continue to buy expensive items. He said that the Commissioner Karachi should implement the establishment of consumer complaint centers in every market of Karachi with the money received in form of fine so that it will support the consumers in the market and they can immediately file a complaint against the sellers of expensive items.

Chairman CAP further said that the establishment of complaint centers in every market is much needed now with proper monitoring by the staff of the concerned Deputy Commissioners of respective localities.

Kaukab added that CAP is now writing letters to Governor Sindh, Chief Minister Sindh and Chief Secretary Sindh regarding the establishment of complaint centers and all the profiteers and crooks who are openly looting public should be jailed according to law.

He said that the implementation of the official price list is possible only when the consumer’s action can be taken on the spot. The team of Commissioner Karachi leaves after visiting, it does not show any permanent benefit to the consumers. He said that those who sell adulterate expensive items in Ramadan do not deserve to be called traders and it seems that they do not carry their business in light with the teachings of Islam. A Muslim trader only believe in getting legitimate profit with transparency and fairness.

Chairman CAP demanded government to take immediate steps to provide relief to consumers in the month of Ramadan.

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