Press conference of RASTI on Protection of Women


Early Child Marriage, Sexual Violence, Harassment, and life skills must be part of the school curriculum. (Women Charter of Demand)

On 27th November RASTI organized a press conference at HRCP’s hall in Karachi on Women’s Charter of Demand with the support of Awaz Foundation and UJALA Network. The following points were put forward.

Separate courts shall be made for the protection of women and children.  Due to the increasing number of harassment and sexual abuse cases the government must look at the Women’s charter of demand.

Schools curriculum must include topics on early age marriage, sexual abuse, and harassment, etc. The Police force must also be guided on how to deal with these type of issues and there must be a separate desk especially for women abuse related cases in police stations. In order to protect women, the budget for Darul Aman must also be increased so it proves to help those women in need. 

During the investigation of Sexual Harassment and abuse cases, the police and judiciary shall consider forensic reports instead of an eye witnesses.  The press conference also demanded the government to introduce a 24/7 helpline for this purpose.

The participants strongly condemned the increasing number of early marriage, sexual abuse, harassment, and murder cases.

The guest of the conference were Khizar Hayat-HRCP, Zahid Farooq-URC, Darakhshan Sauleha-Member of Sindh Commissions status for Women, Noreen Jamal-CPLC, Robin Patras-CPLC, Anita-Hindu Voice Foundation, Shaheda Mangi- Takhleeq Foundation, Kaleem Durrani HRCP, social worker, social activists, teachers, parents, student, theatre artist, sports personnel and media representatives were part of it and they all considered this conference an important event for the protection of women and children.  

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