PPP rejects price hikes in more than 25 essential commodities during a week : Shazia Marri


Central Information Secretary Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian and MNA Shazia Atta Marri has said that PTI-led incompetent and failed government is being dropping bombs of price hikes and inflation on poor masses of the country.

She reitreated that during a week more than 25 food items prices have been increased and the weekly inflation ratio increased by 0.55 percent which is reprehensible and shows that ruling government has failed to control on prices hike.

She further said that PTI incompetent government has raised the per unit prices of electricity twice in the same week and once again the news regarding further increase of 92 paisa per unit tarrif is being heard, which would be an injustice to the poor masses.

This she said while reacting on the weekly report of Bureau of Statistics on inflation and expected decision of the government on an increase in electricity tarrif.

Shazia Marri said that PPP rejects such anti-people decisions of incompetent government and demands its early withdrawal in the favour of poverty stricken masses.

She said that the bad policies of Imran Niazi government’s have destroyed the economy of the country and people are fed up with the government’s failed economic policies, growing inflation rates and unemployment.

Moreover she said that ruling Imran Khan has also failed to fulfill all the promises and claims which he made with people in the past, particularly, curbing on growing inflation and unemployment.
She said all his promises and claims were based on lies and he has been taken unending U-turns on most of promises which he made with people.

She maintained that horrific inflation has left people starving for two times meal a day, but the federal government is still telling people not to panic.

She said expensive electricity, gas crisis and rising circular debts are the evidences of PTI incompetent and corrupt government.

She reiterated that providing relief to the people is not one of the priorities of the incompetent and selected government.

Shazia Marri questioned from PTI government that despite the fake government’s claims of economic improvements and reforms , why is inflation ratio rising in Pakistan?”People of Pakistan asking questions from the ruling government about the fake promise to build 5 million houses and providing 10million jobs, that are not still fulfilled”, she added.

She said Imran Niazi darely making false promises with masses and the time has come to immediate step-down the government and send back them to home.

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