PPP public representatives busy serving people in torrential rains & severe conditions;Nasir Hussain Shah


Sindh Minister for Information and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that the real public representatives are those who live among the people on the streets of the city and fight for their problems, Karachi’s record-breaking rains proved Who has the pain of the people and who is being intimidated by the public reaction.

Nasir Hussain Shah was on an emergency visit to the city on Tuesday morning in which he was accompanied by Secretary Local Government Roshan Sheikh and a large number of media representatives.

Nasir Shah Ali had been visiting various underpasses, drains, main highways and checkpoints of the city since morning where he appreciated the performance of the staff engaged in the relief work and later issued necessary orders.

talking to media persons, Nasir Hussain Shah said that the overall situation of the city is improving and a large number of choking points and storm drains have been cleared.

In response to a question, Nasir Hussain Shah said that the developed countries of the world are also vulnerable to natural storms and floods. Let’s just say, Karachi which is located on the beach, a coastal, densely populated city with numerous slums and suburban settlements in the past.

The problems of this city are as complex as the population. The Sindh government, along with the city’s elected local government leadership, had taken emergency measures before the monsoon arrived, but some delays in cleaning the drains were due to late receipt of funds from the World Bank.

We had entrusted the entire task of cleaning the drains to Mayor Karachi Wasim and Project Director Click Zubair Channa, which was largely successful.

The provincial minister admitted that some areas of the city were affected by urban flooding, but Nasir Shah said that the settlements that were flooded were actually the settlements on the west side of the city.

Water flows downhill from the hills of Manghopir and Qasba Colony. In this whole process where the Water Board, Solid Waste Management Board, DMCs, KMC and other agencies were involved in relief activities, the role of welfare agencies cannot be denied.

The Sindh government is using all its resources and manpower for the welfare of the people, but we appeal to our people to cooperate with us. If the opponents cannot help, at least do not create an atmosphere of fear. We Will together clean and maintain the Karachi.

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