Police Need resources to make Karachi City of Peace; SSP East


Senior Superintendent of Police Ghulam Azfar Mahesar said that If Sufficient Resources would be provided to the Police Department then Pakistan’s Largest City could become a city of Peace and the city of lights where every citizen who goes outside from home reach back safely.

Addressing an event at Indus University Gulshan Campus on International Peace Day SSP East Ghulam Azfar Mahesar stated that Islam is a religion of peace, it teaches us about religious harmony and tolerance.

Schools and Universities are the basic roots because of western interests we are divided as there is a huge gap between Madrasa and school education, we need to have a vision of Holy Prophet PBUH, SSP East told the audience.

Elaborating further upon his statement, Azfar Mahesar added, No one knows who had replaced the subject Deeniyat with Islamiat, by replacing it we have disconnected other religion youth, whereas Islam is a moderate religion it teaches about peace and harmony.

Taking about issues of Police Department, he said, Police is not Bad System is Bad, we work day and night, we have lack of resources. Whereas he said every citizen want a quick response from police and we also want to do it but it’s not possible because of limited resources.

The Police Officer added, There is a need to fix the system as even now we the police department is working under 1861 law and launching FIR under 1934 British law.

He urged that FIR-First Information Report should have to be replaced to First Incidence Report, then Second, third and when the report finalized and then named it to Final Incidence Report. He informed the participants that under police rules every police station has to kept the record of FIR either its true or fake for six decades.

“That’s the reason we need to verify the case before registering FIR, we want to launch FIR of every citizen but it needs to be replaced as information report so we can first verify and inform the opponent party because the person against whom the FIR launch has also have human rights”.

Mr. Mahesar reiterated that, Our IG including ADIG and all officers of Sindh Police are working tirelessly to make Karachi a peaceful city as the police have proved it by hosting an international cricket PSL in the city.

Whereas Council General of Afghanistan Hamidullah Tarin on the occasion said “ We know the value of peace as we are suffering from more than 40 years”, however, he appreciated the efforts of law enforcement agencies for bringing peace in Karachi. Karachi is now a peaceful city, I can now move any place of city without any guard, he added.

Chancellor of Indus University Khalid Amin offered his support for every positive work and appreciated the role of Sindh Police, Sharing an example of his recent visit to Madarsa he stated that the student and even teachers didn’t know the National Anthem of the country it needs to be improved.

He urged for the formation of educated society we all should have to play our role individually by sharing our learnings with other people .

While speaking on the importance of Religious Harmony Organizer of event Allama Ahsan Siddiqui of ICPH-Interfaith Commission Peace & Harmony shared an example, When any Person go to Blood Bank for getting blood, he/she don’t ask about the identification of blood donor either it was the blood of Muslim,  Hindu or any other religion because every human being blood is same . He also emphasized on the importance of religious harmony to maintain peace in all over the world.

Mr. Siddiqui informed moot about the contribution of ICPH within the country and outside the country for the promotion of religious harmony. He shared an example of recent Paigham e Pakistan Initiative that the Shai Community offered prayer in Deo Band Mosque in Karachi.

Ali Salman Anchan Founder of Phool Patti Truck Art informed, he has promoted the message of peace, love, harmony by art in 25 different countries and emphasized that everyone needs to contribute for Pakistan from their end to make it a prosperous and peaceful country.

Criticizing the role of Electronic Media Kokab Iqbal, Founder Consumer Association of Pakistan stated that Breaking News trend has a negative impact of the country on the minds of international investors.

Other Diplomates including Vice Council General of Qatar & Oman, SSP Railway Shehla Qureshi, Abdul Basit Mundia from Voice of Karachi, including numbers of social activist, faculty members of Indus University shed light on the importance of UN International Peace Day which observed every year on 21st September in all over the world .

At the end of Event Ambassador of Peace Award has been given to the Diplomats, Police Officers, Journalists, Social Activists including people from different walks of life.

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