People of Soofan Gabol faces water shortage issue from a week


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People of Soofan Gabol bereaved from basic right of water in the month of Muhram-ul-Haram from a week but Malir Administration has taken no step to resolve their burning issue and has been spectators.

Water shortage issue is occurred in said area due to disorder of water supply motor cause of that residents of area have become mentally upset and their life has become hell due to no water of drinking and they have been so constrained to fetch water from far and wide areas having pots of water on their heads so as to complete their water requisitions.

In this regards People of Soofan Gabol social workers Imam Bux Gabol, Dedar Ali, Anzila Gabol and others told to journalists that they have been facing water shortage problem from a week and they have complained to XEN of Public Health Department and its engineers who denied to take ownership of Soofan Gabol village’s scheme and said that it’s matter of DCK so donot disturb because mentioned Scheme is not handed over to them in black and white.

They told that when they talked with DCK administration so they also refused taking responsibility and ownership of said scheme and said that they have handed over scheme to Public Health and Engineering Deptt completely so it’s better and fruitful for you to contact them.

They furher told that when ever they contact to XEN of Public Health and Engineering Deptt he misbehaves them in a rude manner. They said that they have complained DC Malir who had dressed both department’s officers down many times but still matter is left unresolved.

They said that both departments are not taking ownership of Soofan Gabol village scheme and have deprived villagers from the requirements of water. They said that they are compelled to go for long distanced area’s in search of water to complete need of water.

They demanded from Cheif Minister Sindh, DC Malir and other concered authorities to resolve water shortage issue of Soofan Gabol village peoples on priority basis and take notice of bad behavior of Public Health officer if not then they will become constrained to expostulate at national highway.

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