PCB and regional leaders map out domestic cricket revamp


The heads of the cricketing regions participating in Pakistan’s domestic cricket recently convened a significant meeting with Zaka Ashraf, the Chairman of the Management Committee of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Held in a cordial atmosphere at the PCB headquarters, the meeting delved into the structure of domestic cricket and underscored the collective commitment of stakeholders to enhance it further.

The presidents of various cricket regions across the nation expressed unwavering confidence in the forthcoming changes to the domestic cricket framework, which the PCB is poised to unveil today.

During the meeting, participants openly shared their perspectives on the revamped domestic setup. The focal point of this framework lies in nurturing, fostering, and elevating cricketing talent at the grassroots level.

The recently formed technical cricket committee, led by Misbah-ul-Haq and member Muhammad Hafeez, offered an extensive briefing to the regional presidents at the National Cricket Academy. They elucidated the intricacies of the new domestic cricket structure and the meticulous approach undertaken by the PCB to player development.

Zaka Ashraf, the Chairman of the PCB Management Committee, stressed that the essence of Pakistan cricket resides within the regions, serving as the ideal nurturing grounds for young talent and skill development in domestic cricket. He acknowledged a period of inactivity in the regional setup but expressed satisfaction that these regions have been revitalized, representing a pivotal stride for cricket.

Ashraf expressed gratitude for the regions’ unwavering support and optimism, believing that upcoming cricket stars will honor Pakistan’s cricketing legacy with dignity.

Misbah-ul-Haq expressed optimism in crafting a structure that benefits all cricketers and garners the full interest of stakeholders. He emphasized that collaborative efforts will be instrumental in the success of this structure, creating a future that respects the game and young players’ aspirations.

Addressing the participants, Muhammad Hafeez underscored the importance of merit, stressing that cricketers and support staff should operate with skill and dedication. He highlighted that the cricket structure will provide opportunities for everyone involved, fostering a promising future through collective endeavors.

In the meeting, all domestic regional presidents lauded the PCB’s efforts in game development and promotion, assuring their complete support. While invitations were extended to all regions, a few regional presidents were unable to attend the meeting.

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