Pakistan’s population soars to 241.49mln in digital census 2023


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The much-anticipated digital census results for the year 2023 have been officially disclosed, providing a comprehensive snapshot of Pakistan’s evolving demographic landscape.

The figures, released in a gazette notification, revealed that the nation’s population has surged to a staggering 241.49 million, further highlighting the complexities and vibrancy of Pakistan’s society.

A nationwide annual growth rate of 2.55% has been observed, underlining the dynamic nature of the population.

Intriguingly, the results encompass a detailed breakdown of each province’s population, offering a glimpse into the diverse and multifaceted makeup of Pakistan:



Emerging as the most populous province, Punjab has witnessed a remarkable surge in its populace, reaching an impressive 127.68 million. This growth is underscored by a growth rate of 2.53%, reflecting the province’s continued significance and influence.


The province of Sindh has left an indelible mark on the nation’s population, contributing 55.69 million individuals. Sindh’s growth rate of 2.57% underscores its ongoing transformation and its pivotal place within Pakistan’s social fabric.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

A significant contributor to the nation’s demographic tapestry, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa boasts a robust population of 40.85 million. The province has experienced a growth rate of 2.38%, further solidifying its role in shaping Pakistan’s evolving identity.


Known for its resilience, Balochistan has recorded a population of 14.89 million. The province’s standout growth rate of 3.20% signifies its enduring spirit and its potential for future development.



The iconic megacity of Karachi continues to be a hub of activity and development, now home to over 2.38 crore residents. Its remarkable 4.10% annual rise in population further solidifies its reputation as a city of continuous growth and transformation.


Lahore, a city steeped in history and culture, has breached the 2.27 million mark, showcasing a consistent yearly expansion rate of 2.72%. This growth is a reflection of the city’s enduring allure and its unwavering place within Pakistan’s narrative.


The population of Quetta has flourished, reaching an impressive 42.59 lacs, providing a testament to growth and development within the region. This surge in numbers reflects the city’s ongoing expansion and progress.


Rawalpindi’s population has showcased an upward trajectory, with a population now exceeding the 1.14 million mark. This impressive increase highlights the city’s potential and its role as a vital center of growth.


The federal capital, Islamabad, has firmly etched its presence with a population of 2.36 million. Its unique character and significance are mirrored in this population figure, reaffirming its role as the heart of the nation.

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