Pakistani cinema royalty unites to celebrate 25 years of Jan Rambo, Sahiba


The stars collided in a magnificent manner on the occasion of Jan Rambo and Sahiba Afzal’s wedding anniversary. The iconic Reema Khan shared a reel, wishing the two on the incredible milestone. A series of videos and images in the reel encapsulated precious moments from the joyous celebration, with Reema handing out gifts and posing alongside the couple, and Sahiba feeding cake to Shaan Shahid.

“Happy wedding anniversary to my dearest Sahiba and Rambo,” penned Reema alongside the reel. “The couple has sailed smoothly all through 25 years with mutual love and regard. May Allah bless the couple with an enviable partnership and it should continue for one century ahead.”

She continued to highlight, “It was a great festivity to be in the company of all the near and dear ones, especially the highly esteemed Shaan Shahid, Pappu Samrat and others. I wish the couple do [a] platinum jubilee with an unimpaired and healthy life. Ameen.”

Sahiba, herself, took to Instagram a few days ago to pen a wish on the eve of the milestone. “My most favourite love story is my own!” she wrote, sharing a picture of her and her renowned husband. “25 years of this fairytale and counting…Alhumdulillah.” She also thanked Reema in another post, stating, “Thank you so much Reema for your surprise visit, your love, and beautiful gifts at our 25th anniversary.”

As for the superstar himself, Jan Rambo, too, took to his Instagram to wish his beloved wife. “Happy 25 years to my forever life partner,” he said. “Thank you for bringing up a beautiful family and creating a home for me and my sons. Love you. InshaAllah we will celebrate many more.”

The duo appeared on The Talk Talk Show earlier this year, sharing what makes a marriage work. Rambo emphasised the importance of maintaining privacy within a marriage, stating that any conflicts between couples should be kept secret from family members. “If there is a fight between the couple, neither the man’s family nor the woman’s family should come to know.”

He further said, “Your fight is between you two. It shouldn’t even reach your friends. There are some good friends who will try to make peace. But in today’s society, everyone is so negative. They try to break people up. They start instigating. It is very dangerous.”

The star continued to add, “Even with families, there is always that one person who will have something to say. There are very few mothers, sisters, and daughters left who will say, ‘No, what your partner has said is right. He will do right by you. Stay there, keep quiet, and listen to him.’ Nowadays, they try to fan the flames. As long as it’s not extending to your family, if not in an hour or two, within one day, you will be able to reconcile.”

When Sahiba was asked the same, she seemed to let out a tired sigh. She added, “I’d agree with him. Additionally, women must not get impressed by other women, pertaining to their belongings. If you’re impressed by someone’s habits, you can adopt those to change yourself. That is vital – being impressed by habits. Do not get impressed by material things, thinking that woman has that bag, attire, car, or home. The husbands feel pressurised then because the wives bother them.”

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