Pakistan, Education, and the 21st Century book launched by SEF


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Karachi: Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) Government of Sindh organized a book launching ceremony titled “Pakistan, Education and 21st Century” by Dr Shahid Siddiqui, renowned educationist and writer, was held at the Futurum, Karachi.

Caretaker Minister of Education were the chief guest. The event drew a diverse audience, including notable figures from various walks of life and the education department. Among the esteemed guest speakers were Sadaf Anees, Muhammad Memon, and Shahpara Rizvi, who contributed to the intellectual discourse surrounding the book.


Addressing the gathering, Mr. Kabir Kazi, Managing Director of SEF, praised Dr. Shahid Siddiqui’s choice of subject matter, emphasizing that the book addresses a pressing need for Pakistan’s educational landscape. He commended the comprehensive analysis presented within the book, which not only identifies educational issues but also provides viable solutions. Kazi urged all stakeholders to engage with this exceptional piece of literature for the betterment of the education sector.


During the event, Mr. Kabir Kazi emphasized that Dr. Shahid Siddiqui’s book as a pivotal contribution for fostering positive change in Pakistan’s educational system. His words underscored the book’s significance in driving the reforms necessary to adapt the country’s education system to contemporary requirements.


Caretaker Minister of Education, Rana Hussain acknowledged the efforts of Dr. Shahid Siddiqui, referring to him as a rare gem in the field of education.

She expressed deep appreciation for his contributions, describing him not only as an educator but also as a mentor. Minister Hussain emphasized the book’s title, “Pakistan, Education, and the 21st Century,” as a stark reminder of the imperative for education reform in Pakistan’s digital era. She declared education to be the most powerful tool for improving the nation.


Dr. Shahid Siddiqui, the author, expressed his gratitude to the audience and shared that his book fulfills a long-cherished dream of aligning Pakistan’s education system with the requirements of the modern age.

This momentous book launch event served as a platform for fostering dialogue, innovation, and action in the realm of education in Pakistan. “Pakistan, Education, and the 21st Century” by Dr. Shahid Siddiqui promises to be a beacon of hope for positive change in the nation’s educational sector, inspiring all to contribute to the betterment of Pakistan’s future.

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