Pakistan delays signing hosting contract for 2025 Champions Trophy


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Pakistan has been awarded the hosting rights for the Champions Trophy 2025, with the tournament scheduled to take place in February and March, 2025. 

The International Cricket Council (ICC) sent the hosting agreement to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) some time ago. Typically, such documents are promptly signed and returned.

This time, the PCB decided to exercise caution and sought the advice of prominent lawyers before moving forward. Subsequently, the PCB sent a letter to the ICC outlining a few objections that needed to be addressed before signing the agreement.

According to sources, the primary purpose behind the recent visit of ICC Chairman Greg Barclay and CEO Geoff Allardice to Pakistan last month was because of the aforementioned agreement.

During the visit, the PCB highlighted its financial independence by mentioning its ability to generate substantial revenue through events like the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and other ventures. The PCB made it clear that they do not solely rely on funds from the ICC.

As per reports, Pakistan is genuinely concerned about the possibility of the Indian team not participating in the ICC event. In response to this concern, the council was questioned about the potential consequences. Specifically, inquiries were made regarding the impact on sources of revenue, as well as how the incurred losses would be compensated. The ICC has not issued a written response thus far and discussions are taking place to address the matter.

A side agreement has now been reached, aiming to address the concerns raised by Pakistan and facilitate the resumption of progress in the aforementioned matter.


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