Pahel Pakistan & NCJP organizes one day training on Human Rights, Pluralism and Advocacy


Pahel Pakistan in collaboration with National Commission for Justice and Peace, of the Archdiocese of Karachi successfully organized One Day Training Workshop for Young Human Rights Defenders in Karachi. Mr. Ravi Kumar Chouhan, human rights and social activist, had facilitated this training and gathered youth from all the districts of Karachi.

After viewing the need of the time, both Pahel Pakistan and National Commission for Justice and Peace, spoke on the theme of Human Rights, Pluralism, Advocacy and Lobbying during this training held at Catechetical Centre Karachi, Mr. Ravi said.

Mr. Deedar Ahmed Mirani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pahel Pakistan in his talk on historical background of human rights had said that Human rights are rights we have simply because we exist as human beings and these universal rights are inherent to us all, regardless of nationality, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. Individuals also have responsibilities: in using their human rights, they must respect the rights of others. No government, group or individual person has the right to do anything that violates another’s rights, Mr. Mirani added.

While speaking on Pluralism, Mr. Mirani said that the Resilient Society cannot be possible, until all groups contribute their capacities to the societal exertion. The troubles of socially ignored segments of society like Women, Children, Transgender, Religious minorities, differently able and rural youth, are highly in focus. PAHEL Pakistan visualize their invisible vulnerabilities and take these all groups onboard to reduce the risk to their lives and livelihood, and to make realization of their importance for the holistic development in society.

Jawaad Mirani, project Coordinator of Pahel Pakistan spoke on Advocacy and said that people in order to raise their voices and to be heard need Advocacy on issues that are important to them. Advocacy helps people and organizations to Protect and promote their rights.

The individual advocacy focuses on changing the situation for an individual and protects his rights. As citizens we need to be willing to faithfully carry out small acts of advocating for the common good over many years. It is through continuous advocacy over time that we will be able to see the change we desire

Mr. Kashif Anthony, Coordinator of National Commission for Justice and Peace in his speech had said that in our society we need to have tolerance and Diversity, and we all must believe that a day will come when we will have a Just Society in Pakistan.

A process may be little slow but we must trust that one day our country will be the Best in the world with all of us efforts and we must not only think of our rights from the state and departments we have to fulfilling our duties as well.

Ms. Nabila Aslam, one of the young participants of the training in her remarks had said that after taking this training she has realized that truly we should become good human right activist and for that first of all we need to change ourselves and should have in us, tolerance and Diversity than only we can have peace and acceptance among us. Peace is not possible until unless there is religious and political tolerance in the society.

Mr. Nehal Kumar from Hindu Community in his comments said that he really appreciate both the Pahel Pakistan and National Commission for Justice and Peace for taking initiative and organizing this training with youth and we all the participants from different districts of Karachi wishes to promote the culture of dialogue in the society. The contribution of both the organizations on having a Quality Education, and innovation in formal and non-formal education is admirable.

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