Over 8263 cameras to be installed under safe city project in district West


KARACHI (APP):Over 8263 CCTV cameras of 4 megapixels will be installed within the limits of Pakistan Bazar and other policestations under the safe city project by district West police.

The cameras will be installed at marriage halls, hotels, schools,mobile phone markets, petrol pumps, mosques, post offices, main roads and other important places, Spokesman to West Police told APP that the cameras would beinstalled with consultation and coordination of relevant stakeholders to address their reservations regarding security.

Besides, he said, a successful drive against Ghutka, Mawa and Manpuri was carried out in the district resulting in seizure offactories of such contraband with arrest of 422 persons involved inthis illegal business in last two months.

Special drive is being carried out against narcotics peddlers and addicts. As many as 105 drug addicts were sent to jail or any rehabilitation centres.

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