Our Society Need Tolerance & courage in proliferation of Peace; Very Rev. Fr. Saleh Diego


Each year the International Day of Peace is celebrated around the world, the United Nation’ Assembly declared it as a day devoted to strengthen the idea of peace.

National Commission for Justice and Peace of the Archdiocese of Karachi office had organized a Peace Rally and seminar on World Peace Day on 22nd Sep 2020. The purpose of this occasion was to celebrate peace day, raise their voice for peace and pray for peace in the world and in Pakistan.

In this program different Humanitarian organizations, students, lawyers and religious congregations took an active part keeping in mind that it is because of Peace that our world can become heaven on earth. This program was also held to bring awareness among the participants about citizen’s role and duties in bringing peace in the society and in our country Pakistan.

Very Rev. Fr. Saleh Diego, Director NCJP and Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Karachi, in his comments had said that every Religion and all the prophets gives the message of peace.

Jesus Christ himself concluded Sharia into two commandments by saying ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and love your neighbor as your self.

Where there is love there is peace, tolerance and we support each other but if we peace it is just because we lack loving each other . if we consider and love other person and think for other’s betterment and prosperity and use our energy our society will flourish and grow.

We have to teach our kids right from the beginning in Schools and Madrassas, which is lacking, that they have to love each other and create space in their hearts for other’s religion and love humanity, our organization National Commission for Justice and Peace is working on the same hate material found in the Curriculum.

We wish that we all may live in peace and for that we have to promote peace and love for our country Pakistan on which National Commission for Justice and Peace is working hard. He concluded his comments by saying that we have to pray for our country and must work for its prosperity, Pakistan Zindabad.

Mr. Zahid Farooq, a Christian human rights defender working at Urban Resource Center in his comments said that our first responsibility is to think for our communities and for their well being, and indeed, it is a great blessing. Our people have suffered a lot during a Covid-19, heavy rain and heat wave but the beautiful thing was that we all took stand for each other and for their safety and have to become the voice for each other.

We have to create relationship with each other and always think for peace in our families and society.

Mr. Saleem Michael, a Christian Advocate High Court Sindh quoting the words of Ghandi said if we act upon the Beatitudes of the Holy Bible only, there will be peace not only in Indo-Pak but also in all over the world.

The formation of human beings starts from their home and the main role is of women who does the formation of her children, therefore we must consider her and work for women rights.

In Pakistan, our girls are not safe, they are forcefully married and converted and its increasing day by day, we had contributed at the time of formation of Pakistan but we are not treated as equal citizens of Pakistan but we pray and work for Pakistan’ development.

Madam Mehnaz Apa from Aurat Foundation, while speaking to the audience had said that at the time of World Wars women took stand and said that they don’t want war but Peace.

Women understand know the value of Peace therefore, they stand and work for peace not only in their families but also in the world.

Peace is not the responsibility of United Nations, our country’ leadership but it is also our responsibility.

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