Organisers of ADYM hold press conference at APCM


Organisers of Anti-Drugs Youth of Malir Tariq Balouch, Hanif Dil Murad and Parveen Murad who have played great role against drugs reached at Awami Press Club Malir here on yesterday and had press conference where they said that they are very satisfied and happy on the struggle which they have done in current year 2020 against drugs with the cooperation of elected representatives, administration and PS Murad Memon police.

They said that there has been clean sweep of drug from Dumloty 8 and other areas of Malir where now youth of area’s is guarding and checking voluntarily if drug suppliers have entered in their areas.

They said that still some areas of Malir like Ibrahim Haidery, Rehri, Kathore, Gadop, Darsan Chhana, Dur Muhammad village, Maro village, Mula Essa, Old Thana, Samoo village, Aasoo village, Ghareeb Abad and Sharafi village where trade of drugs is being done due to what many young people are being stuck into it.

They said that when execution was held seriously against drugs at Sohrab village then it spread in whole Karachi including rural areas which had not only influenced over education and economics badly but also it became cause of social ailments for long period due to what men and women implicated in drugs looking that destruction they started strong campaign against drugs and people had negative propaganda, occurred hindrances on their way and criticised on them bitterly but they stood stable and brave by which many good consequences occurred.

They said that they established a health centre for drug’s patients in October 2020 where 150 patients have been cured out of them 30 have been recovered and sent their house where they are surviving good and healthy life with their family members also remaining patients are also being treated well so soon they will also be recovered.

They hoped that administration, elected representatives and police will have good cooperation with them in year 2021 as they had before.

They demanded from Government of Sindh, IG Sindh, SSP Malir and other officers to take strict steps and executions for the stoppage of drugs and its end

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