Non availability of Health facilities;More than 20 dead in Jhal Magsi Bus crash


22 People died on Friday 14th February when a bus turned upside down in jhal magsi district, 42 others injured from which seven are in critical condition due to poor treatment in public hospitals, family members attributed deaths due to delay in treatment as no hospital or ambulance service in the said district available.​

Speaking with Media at Press Conference Advocate Muzaffar Brohi General Secretary of Sindh Brohi Ittehad stated that the incident occurred on 14th February 2020 when people heading to the wedding procession from balochistan to shikarpur city Madeji , in Pareja area of District Jhal Magsi the bus turned upside down,63 people injured from which 21 have died because of no proper treatment.​

Moreover he added that , As there was no hospital in District Jhal Magsi injured people transported to hospitals in Shahdadkot and Larkana. He claimed that due to lack of facilities and proper treatment in Shahdadkot Hospital 22 People died.​

Whereas he informed that they transported critical condition patients to Karachi by own selves as no proper facility of treatment was available in the hospitals of Larkana also. Seven People are in a condition of comma still admitted in trauma hospital Karachi .​

22 People from a single family died but no representative of government came to meet, he added.​ Jhal Magsi is a district located in the central Balochistan Province of Pakistan.

Our loved ones were dying in front of us but we were watching them helplessly, we urged to Deputy Commissioner Qambar Shahdadkot and Larkana but no one heard our request, we have transported injured to Karachi for better treatment but Sindh government had not even provided ambulance.​

He emphasized that “Sindh and Balochistan Government responsible for the deaths of 22 people”.​

Advocate Muzaffar Brohi shared that, People in the said area usually lost their life in case of any incident because of a lack of health facilities. He urged for the formation of judicial inquiry to probe where the allocated budget for hospitals is spending and also asked the government for financial assistance for the family members of deceaseds.​

Speaking with City News Senior Journalist Abdullah Solangi shared that, Jhal Magsi District have importance in the overall politics of Balochistan province as Zulfiqar Magsi from the said area performed in balochistan government as Chief Minister and Governor, However, his brothers elect in every election and also get ministry in every tenure but unfortunately not even one ambulance available for the district.​

Moreover, he stated that Helicopter track the 220 Kilometre area of Jeep race in Jhal Magsi for which the government spends a huge amount, but the provincial government has no money for the establishment of hospital to provide health facilities to the citizens.​

Abdullah Solangi claimed that Politicians of the said area are not interested to provide relief to the citizens, Even in Shahdadkot the situation is not much different as there is a hospital in the district without any facilities for the treatment.​

He revealed that the huge amount allocated for the establishment of Trauma Centre & Maternity Home, but the elected representatives have taken the amount into their pockets and the hospital exists without any facility.​

Even the hospitals of larkana have no capability to save the life of any critical patient, he added.​

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