Nawaz’s call exposes division in PML-N


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LAHORE: Bringing the internal debate surrounding the party supremo Nawaz Sharif’s confrontational narrative, PML-N leader Javed Latif has said that the former prime minister believed that the current state of affairs could not be rectified if those responsible are allowed to walk free.

The party leader shared Nawaz’s conviction that if people don’t stand behind the judges who, despite facing pressures, made decisions in accordance with the law, “there won’t be any fair judicial system in the country”.

He questioned the consequences of turning into a silent spectator while “head of armed groups exerting pressure to take positions and decisions of their choice and order sit-ins to resist appointment”.

Javed also cited the 9 May revolts as an example of the potential implications of sacrificing the country for personal desires.

“Then the question is that do we want to sacrifice the country for our desires.”This, he emphasised, was Nawaz Sharif’s question to those who wanted to bury the hatched and move on.

The PML-N leader said Nawaz believed that those who do not want culprits to be held accountable, and who want him to prioritise economic issues over accountability fearing it will risk another confrontation, should answer these questions.

To a question that Shehbaz had gone to reason with him to abandon his confrontational narrative, Javed Latif said that Shehbaz being a worker can only keep his opinion before him and he has his own opinion and he did place it before him.

He said that no leader gives their opinion after Nawaz Sharif has taken his decision.

Regarding the question of being beneficiary of the “Bajwa doctrine”, Javed said that bringing a no-confidence motion “was not our need, rather it was the need of the state” and cited that those against whom Imran Khan raised the cypher issue, had taken no action against him, “which shows that international forces are working him against Pakistan”.

He said that Nawaz Sharif wanted the nation to stand behind those judges who despite extreme pressure give decisions in accordance with the law. He bemoaned that those who would stand behind judges are charged with having an unsound mind out of punishment for giving a decision against the power and those who get a reference filed against him for giving the Faizabad Dharna’s decision.

“If people would not stand behind them, there would be no fair judicial system in the country.

“Regarding the change in reception plan, he said that Nawaz Sharif was of the view that there was nothing to celebrate, given the state of affairs Pakistan was in, instead, he said they were gathering people at Minar-e-Pakistan to renew their commitment with Pakistan and to vow to turn it around back to the 2017 Pakistan.

He said that they have always advocated a level playing field, when asked about the injustices meted out to its arch-rival PTI, he got a bit miffed and said that PTI cannot be seen as a political party.

Maryam prepares for reception

Meanwhile, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Tuesday wasted no time after returning from London and set to work on preparations for Nawaz Sharif’s grand reception, which is set to begin on Wednesday (today).

The party’s chief organised flew down to Lahore after her six-day visit to London where she conducted important discussions regarding the anticipated homecoming of party supremo Nawaz Sharif.

Insiders revealed that Maryam will review the arrangements for the reception of the PML-N leader and meet with officials and coordinators of the party’s organisational wings across Punjab.

She is scheduled to address a public meeting in Shahdara Town on Sunday, October 1, at 6 pm. The first rally has been planned as a prelude to the party’s Minar-e-Pakistan rally to galvanise and mobilise the people of Lahore ahead of the main event.

This first rally will take place in the NA-123 constituency of Shahdara.

Maryam is scheduled to address seven meetings in Lahore, where she will convey Nawaz Sharif’s message to the people.

These meetings will continue from October 1 to 8, and the local and senior leadership of the Muslim League-Nawaz will participate.

In addition to this, Maryam will also meet with former local government representatives of Lahore City. The party’s preparations at the divisional and district levels will be briefed to the Punjab leadership. A strategic move on the part of the PML-N is the inclusion of women in welcoming Nawaz Sharif.

Maryam has been assigned special tasks regarding women and will work towards making the women’s wing of the party more active and dynamic.

She will hold a special meeting with the women’s wing upon her return from London. The women leaders who successfully complete their tasks for the reception of Nawaz Sharif will be nominated for specific seats in the upcoming general elections.

To ensure a smooth reception for Nawaz Sharif, an important police meeting was held to discuss the political situation and maintain law and order. Security measures, including police deployment, were reviewed for the routes from the airport to Minar-e-Pakistan.

They have assured the public that strict security arrangements will be made during the potential return of Nawaz Sharif, and all necessary resources will be used to maintain law and order.

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