Nadia Jamil defends Yumna Zaidi after Nadia Afgan calls her ‘overrated’


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In a recent interview on Chocolate Times, Nadia Afghan, a renowned actor in Pakistan’s showbiz industry, expressed her opinion about Yumna Zaidi. When asked by the host about which female actor she considers overrated, Afgan took the Tere Bin star’s name. However, fellow actor Nadia Jamil quickly came to Yumna’s defence, highlighting her exceptional talent, hard work, and dedication to her craft. 

In a series of tweets, when asked about Afgan calling Zaidi overrated, Jamil stated, “Well, that’s Afgan’s opinion. She has a right to it. I think Zaidi is brilliant and I think she deserves high praise. She’s a hard-working, versatile actor who creates beautiful characters that entertain millions. She works hard on her craft. It’s obvious and I respect that. I also believe that there is no great actor or bad actor. There are only great performances and weak performances. All actors can give us both.”

Jamil also highlighted the importance of recognising that there are no inherently good or bad actors; rather, it is the performances that can be judged as outstanding or weak. In her opinion, Zaidi has delivered numerous fabulous performances, and her commitment to her craft is evident, much like esteemed actors such as Sania Saeed and Samiya Mumtaz.

Continuing on further, she penned, “Zaidi has many fabulous performances to her name! Like Sania Saeed or Samiya Mumtaz, she takes her craft seriously.” Highlighting the importance of freedom of thought and expression, she stated, “Let people have their opinions. It’s a free world. As long as they share those opinions with respect.”

The actor also shed light on the fact that she is a Zaidi fan, through and through. “I’m proud to say I am a Zaidi fan. I’m her fan because I love so many of her performances. She also has an honest, sincere quality to her, which is rare these days. Her work will always speak for itself. Don’t worry too much. Zaidi knows what she’s doing. Keep the faith and let people share different opinions.”

Jamil went beyond defending the Dar Si Jati Hai Sila actor against the “overrated” label and expressed her belief in Zaidi’s untapped potential. Jamil, who takes acting very seriously, recognised Zaidi’s talent and foresaw even greater things to come from the young actor. She emphasised that the award-winning star had not yet showcased the depths of her abilities and that there was much more to her talent than meets the eye.

In a separate tweet, while responding to another fan, she also said, “Zaidi is not just any ordinary talent. She is a brilliant actor. I take acting very seriously. I know a good actor when I see one. So far, she hasn’t even shown the world what she has deep within her. There is so much more to this young woman’s talent. I think she is one of the best.”

It is interesting to note that this is not the first time that a senior actor has criticised Zaidi. Renowned actor Rubina Ashraf appeared on a local television show, where she stated, “She [Zaidi] does not really impress me as an actor because she’s hopping from one place to another, saying whatever is written. It’s not her fault. But she’s making her character seem like that of a confused woman.”

Responding to the host’s interjection, who questioned Zaidi’s ability to alter her character, Ashraf asserted, “We change it. I said this, maybe you didn’t hear. An actor, especially if they’ve been working for 15 years, has that margin to fix those small things.” She further elaborated on the examples of male actors taking charge of the script, citing Imran Ashraf and Wahaj Ali as examples. “Like, I am sure, Murtasim (Ali) is doing with his character, but [Zaidi] is not doing that.”

Regardless, Zaidi is an accomplished actor in Pakistan’s entertainment industry and has captivated audiences with her versatile performances and ability to bring complex characters to life. Throughout her career, Zaidi has demonstrated her range and dedication to her craft, earning praise for her nuanced portrayals and ability to connect with viewers on an emotional level.


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