Must get country back on track: Azekah Daniel announces decision to join PTI


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In an unexpected move, renowned Pakistani actor and model Azekah Daniel has officially announced her decision to join the political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The star shared the news through her social media accounts, accompanied by photos featuring PTI Sindh President Ali Haider Zaidi.

Expressing her commitment to her country, Daniel captioned her post with enthusiasm, stating, “Finally! I decided to jump in for the sake of my country.” She shared her photos with Zaidi, thus showcasing her affiliation with the PTI.

The PTI Sindh President warmly welcomed Daniel to the party, emphasizing that her understanding and vision have pleasantly surprised the party members. During the welcoming ceremony, Zaidi symbolically wrapped a PTI flag around the actor’s neck, signifying her inclusion in the party.

Daniel, known for her strong support of PTI Chairman Imran Khan in the past, expressed her aspirations for the nation. “We must get our country out of this mess and back on track with progress as it was under PM Imran Khan,” she stated. Prior to joining PTI, Daniel attended an Iftar dinner at the invitation of PTI MNA Muhammad Aslam Khan. During the event, she had the opportunity to meet MNA Aftab Hussain Siddiqui, Karachi General Secretary Arsalan Taj, along with other lawmakers and party officials.

Daniel, a prominent Pakistani actor and model, has gained fame through her roles in successful dramas such as Noor Jehan, Malaal-e-Yaar, and Tera Gham Aur Hum. Her notable performances have earned her a substantial fan base. Previously, she worked as a member of the cabin crew for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) before pursuing her acting career.

Daniel’s decision to join PTI showcases the increasing involvement of individuals from the entertainment industry in Pakistani politics. Her move has sparked interest and curiosity among both her fans and political observers, who await her contributions and influence within the PTI.

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