Murad urges nation to unite as desired by Quaid to face internal and external challenges


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the first and foremost principle of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was unity and today the unity was need of hour to face internal and external challenges.

This he said on Wednesday while talking to media just after laying floral wreath and offering father on the mazar of father of nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah here on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

Mr Shah said that unity was badly needed to resolve internal and external issues. “On our Eastern border, India was playing holi with blood of its Muslim population and have introduced controversial citizenship bill to deprive its Muslim residents from their homeland,” he said and added on the other hands Indian atrocities in held Kashmir were on the increase day by day.

The chief minister said that internally Pakistan was facing the challenges of economy, poverty, political unrest and national unity. “We all have to forge unity to face all the challenges to emerge as a sovereign nation,” he said.

He said that the provincial assembly of Sindh has passed a resolution against Indian atrocities in held Kashmir and against the controversial India citizenship bill and requested the federal government to raise the issue on international level to expose them.

To a question, the chief minister said that the CCI meeting was held after one year but almost all the issues of the Sindh, as raised by him, were accepted. “I requested the prime minister to keep holding CCI meetings regularly so that all the standing issue of intern-provincial and provincial-federal government can be resolved,” he said.

The issues the chief minister raised in the CCI meeting, include implementation of water accord, recovery of Rs7 billion deducted by FBR at-source, release of funds for health related vertical programmes, suspension of NOC issued for installation of a power plant on CJ Link Canal, renewable energy policy and “I am happy that the point of view of Sindh government was recognized,” he said.

The chief minister told the media that prior to CCI meeting, he met with Prime Minister Imran Khan and discussed different issues. “I told him that being a chief minister, it becomes my responsibility to receive him [PM] whenever he visits Karachi but sorry to say his secretariat doesn’t invite me,” he said. He added that when the PM secretariat had informed him about the prime minister’s visit to Karachi he, as a chief minister, had receive him once at the airport and then at the Commerce College. “Now, they do not inform me so how I’ll be able to receive the prime minister,” MR Shah said.

To a question, Murad Ali Shah said that just he has learnt from the Governor Sindh that the Prime Minister was visiting Karachi on December 27 but “I would not be available in the city to receive him because I am going to Pindi to attend death anniversary of Shaheed Mohterma Benazir Bhutto.
On the occasion of the Christmas, the chief minister congratulated Christian community of Pakistan and said “Pakistan is your home and requested them to pray for its prosperity and unity,” he said and added the minority communities living in Pakistan were enjoying equal rights and they are beauty of this country.

He said that he has requested the Governor to postpone the meeting of the prime minister in the city, if his availability is needed. ‘It can be convened on any day just after December 27,” he said.
Mr Shah said that the Karachi Circular railways was already included in the CPEC projects. “I have requested the prime minister to make a priority project so that work on it can be started at the earliest,” he said.
To a question, Mr Shah said that he did not know whether some names have been deleted from the list of Benazir Income Support Programme beneficiaries. “Our most of the population lives below the poverty line, so I would suggest more names should be included in the list by conducting a fresh survey,” he said and added “we have to support to financially support poor of the poor,” he concluded.

Earlier, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah laid floral wreath on the Mazar of Quaid, offered fateh and recorded his impression in the visitors book.

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