Multiple Complaints of Corruption lodge against Registrar Cooperative Societies


Cooperative Societies Department employees including Housing Societies Unions has submitted complaints against the registrar of department Muhammad Ali Sheikh to Secretary Societies regarding his alleged collection and demand of bribe in terms of every work.

It was learned that despite of sitting at his own office in Hyderabad Registrar has been sitting in Deputy Registrar Office which situated in Karachi.

On the anonymity of name one of the society Union office bearer alleged that the register is demanding bribe for every work and also claimed that no action has been taken by the secretary after receiving complaint about the registrar.

On the other hand employee of Societies department on the condition of hiding his name informed that Registrar is taking and demanding bribe from employees on the name of audit and claimed that the registrar is even not obeying the orders of secretary.

He also stated that corruption is rising in societies due to the alleged existence of the said registerar.

Sources informed that the register has given the additional charge of Assistant Registerar Arbitration to Zeeshan Ahmed 16 Grade Non Gazetted Officer who is posted as Inspector Cooperaive Societies II Karachi, the said person reportedly a blue eyed boy of registrar.

However the said order is a violation of the Department’s Secretary Order as the secretary reportedly appointed Assistant Registrar Abdul Mujeeb for Arbitration Department where the Audit work done.

Whereas on 27th July 2019 Abdul Mujeeb Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies (Audit ) East Karachi via department’s letter No. ARCS/(AUDIT)/EAST/14/2019 informed the Deputy Registrar Cooperative Societies (Audit) that on 4th Feb 2019 by Order No. DRCS(A)/Kyc/10/2019 51 Societies allocated to him for audit purpose, Similarly on 13th March 2019 Deputy Registrar has assigned 48 Societies to him for the audit purpose from the period of 01-07-2017 to 30-06-2018.

He stated in a letter “ It has been observed from the office record there is no any audit reports available on record according to out-word register no any entry on record”.

Moreover he urged for the proper enquiry regarding the audit done by cooperative societies without the allocation of department’s audit officer and suggested for the referral of matter to Anti- Corruption establishment Department for further enquiry”.

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