MQM leader moves court against smear campaign social media


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KARACHI: The leader of MQM Pakistan, Rauf Siddiqi has taken legal action by filing a petition in the Sindh High Court on a social media campaign against him.

In his petition, Rauf Siddiqi mentioned that in 2017, Captain Moiz of Pakistan Navy held a press conference where he made various allegations against him. Rauf Siddiqi moved the court against his allegations and appeared in the court in all hearing but Captain Moiz did not come to any proceedings. After Captain Moiz passed away, Rauf Siddiqi did not pursue the case. However, his old videos have been repeatedly circulated on social media by Al Khidmat.

Rauf Siddiqi now insists that those responsible for managing and circulating these videos should appear before the court. The allegations of corruption and extortion made by the late Captain Moiz are being perpetuated through these videos. These videos are being disseminated through the official website of Al Khidmat, and Rauf Siddiqi believes they are doing so in a state of panic. He has declared that he intends to distribute any awarded compensation, once he wins the defamation claim, to those in need.

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