Mother’s Day


Since the birth of the baby a mother gives countless sacrifices for her child, there are endless ideas apart from flowers to surprise your mother this year, Mothers have always held a Special place in our society and family structures for thousands of years.

Mothers Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in Grafton West Virginia.

The celebration of Mother’s day is to thank Mothers, to make them feel important.

In Pakistan it is celebrated on the second sunday of May, Media channels organize different special shows to highlight the importance of motherhood in every family.

In Islam there is no concept of Mother’s day but Mothers hold a very high position in religious matters, According to Islamic traditions, Heaven is said to be found under a mothers feet, meaning that one can attain admission into heaven after death if they are caring and loving children’s to their mothers.

Make Every Day Mothers Day because mothers do lot of sacrifices for their children’s until her last breath and i would like to dedicate this day to My Mother Ameena Zafar and mother of my beloved friend like sister Nusrat.

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