Mochko check post incharge seized smuggled goods worth more than 10 million rupees


The police have started a strict blockade on the entrance and exit routes of the metropolitan City from Balochistan. According to the details, Mochko Police has became an obstacle in reaching of the unhealthy gutka, which is being smuggled from Balochistan in to Karachi city.

SSP Keamari police Faizan Ali said that we are working in foiling the organized crime and activities of smugglers and drugs dealers therefore in any situation criminals wouldn’t be allowed to disturb the peace of the city.

According to the police official of Keamari Police who said that Jahangir Moosa the in charge of mochko check post foiled the smuggling attempts and seized the smuggled goods worth more than 10 million from the container passing through the jurisdiction of the police station.

Jahangir said that strict monitoring process is also underway to prevent drugs and other illegal activities from the border. He added that the ambitions of drug dealers cannot be fulfilled as we are continuously taking actions.

At the same time, the police are searching for the notorious accused including the absconders while After the successful operations of the police, the criminal elements went into hiding,

Moreover, SSP Keamari Faizan Ali has also declared ASI Jahangir Moosa’s strategy effective for crime prevention, said in the jurisdiction of Keamari. He appreciated the efforts of the Mochko incharge in preventing the crime ratio.

Similarly, it has been observed that due to the strategy of Mochko police, the smuggling of drugs and gutka has reduced in the city as ASI Jahangir Moosa himself is supervising the search process at check post.

Talking to daily city news ASI Jahangir Moosa said that operations against drug dealers and criminal elements will be continued.

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