Minorities urges for notice on Discriminatory Advertisement of Sanitary Workers Job


The Christian Community along with other Minorities of Pakistan, sadly observed another recent job advertisement having elements of discrimination, by the office of the Electric Inspector, Karachi Region II, issued on 2nd Sep 2020 in the Jang (Urdu) newspaper at page number 4.

According to the announced advertisement, there were given 4 different categories of vacant jobs, by the office of the Electric Inspector, Karachi Region II, but the Authorities purposely mentioned only about the sanitary worker’s job for NON-MUSLIMS and this is a clear sign of discrimination with Non-Muslim citizens of Pakistan.

This is not the first time that Christian activists and rights groups have pointed out what they describe as a discriminatory job policy.

Previously, there was another job advertisement on 1st June 2020, having the same elements of discrimination issued on, by District Municipal Corporation (West) Karachi.

According to that advertisement there were given 28 different categories of vacant jobs but only the sanitary worker’s job is was given as only for NON-MUSLIMS.

Pastor Javed Bashir, of Voice of Christ Pentecostal Church, Karachi, in his comments has said that such ads infringe on human dignity and violate the constitutional guarantee of equality for all citizens because they deem religious minorities as only fit for work that is traditionally looked down on.”

Pastor Javed Bashir also said that it also called on the Sindh government to recall the advert and ensure that religious minorities are encouraged to apply for any post they wish.

We the minorities of Sindh Strictly demand for a strict action against this issue and the persons involved in it.

We demand equal citizenship rights from all the departments, as it is given in the Constitution of Pakistan, it is our right to have equal rights and opportunities, and this recent advertisement has again shaken all the minority’s sentiments.

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