Marks sheets of 8,000 matric students blocked


KARACHI: The Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) has declared the results of at least 8,000 students of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or matriculation examination as doubtful and blocked their marks sheets.

An information technology company is also involved in the alleged tampering of results of mathematics papers, a report said. Scoring 97 or even 98 marks in maths is possible; however, a probe found disparities in the results and requested action.

Subsequently, BSEK Controller of Examination Khalid Ihsan stopped the issuance of the marks sheets to these 8,000 candidates for the time being. BSEK Chairman Sharaf Ali Shah has also been informed about the inquiry in this regard.

A three-member investigation committee was set up by the BSEK chairman on the reports of irregularities in the examination results.  After a thorough investigation, the committee briefed the board chairman on Monday. The chairman was informed that the marks posted on the examination copies checked by the examiners and the marks on the award lists for these 8,000 candidates did not match.

The numbers on the award lists were much higher than those granted by the examiners, indicating foul play. The committee said that an IT company was also involved in the manipulation of results which provides IT support to the board in preparing the results and collects monthly service charges.

It is being said that on the basis of the available evidence, the investigation committee will recommend BIEK chairman to cancel the results of these candidates or at least restore the original marks given on the copies. If the chairman board approves the report of the said investigation committee, most candidates will have to appear in the supplementary examinations due to failure and their admissions to the first-year or grade XI at colleges will also be cancelled. These students have passed the SSC exam in A1 and A grades.

Besides, according to the BSEK Chairman Sharaf Ali Shah, he has been verbally informed in this regard at present, “I will take a decision as per the rules and regulations when the written report is submitted.”

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