Man mysteriously stabbed to death


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KARACHI: A man was stabbed to death in front of his wife and three daughters in Bhittai Colony, Korangi, on Thursday in a shocking incident that sent shivers through the peaceful neighbourhood. The assailant stabbed his 41-year-old victim multiple times in the chest and throat, leaving the family traumatised, while police struggle to resolve the perplexing mystery of how the culprit managed to enter the house and escaped without a trace.

The chilling event unfolded at house No F/92, near Shamim Masjid in Bhittai Colony of Zaman Town. The victim, identified as Mubashir Iqbal, son of Muhammad Akbar, was a furniture painter and polisher. Having lived in Karachi for over three decades, he had become an integral part of the community.

Mubashir’s younger brother, Muzaffar Iqbal said that the deceased was a doting father to his three young boys. A close-knit family, the Iqbals were pillars of strength for one another. Javed Iqbal, the elder brother of the victim, served as a food inspector who had recently relocated to Lahore.

On the fateful night, both brothers returned home around 8pm. Their peaceful evening took an unforeseen turn as the clock struck midnight. Muzaffar, engrossed in his mobile phone, was interrupted by a disturbing noise. He was alarmed to find his brother’s room locked from outside. With a sinking feeling, he broke in, only to be confronted by a horrific scene. Mubashir lay lifeless on the floor, surrounded by a pool of crimson.

Muzaffar sought help from the neighbours, but their reluctance propelled him to call upon his nephew, Ali. They improvised and used a neighbour’s Suzuki pick-up to rush the wounded man to a nearby private hospital. But their efforts were in vain, as the doctors could do little to save Mubashir’s life.

Mubashir’s wife recounted glimpsing a masked intruder hurriedly fleeing their home.

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