Malir Administration fails to execute on Declarative Lock Down


Malir administration has become failure on the execution of declarative lock down.

Markets are opened in Gulshan Hadeed, Pipri, Rehri village, Memon Goth and other areas also Bachat Bazaars are set up where people are crowded and local police has failed to keep people dwelling at their home.

On other hand many actions had been taken in the result of those Imam Bargah was sealed at Gulshan Hadeed where people were present in large number.

On the other side many factories were opened in the surrounding area of national highway from Quaid Abad to Ghaghar like Al-karam Textile Mill, Younus Textile, Qasim Textile Mill and others where police raided and arrested security manager and other staff and sealed factories.

More than 4 people are sent to hospitals in emergency on the doubt of Coronavirus where they will be tested.

In this respect social activists of areas demanded from government of Sindh that government should take strict steps against the spread of Coronavirus and on the execution of declarative lock down.

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