Look at what men go through: Khalilur Rehman Qamar bashes Miss Pakistan for speaking of inequality


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Khalilur Rehman Qamar, a writer known for bringing hits like Kunda Bazar, Pyaray Afzal and Sadqay Tumharay to life, continues to spark controversy with his interviews. Known for sharing rather misogynistic views on women and women’s rights, that too, on television, Qamar has some more irksome statements to pass and add to the roster of things he should never have said.

The playwright appeared as a guest on a talk show, along with Miss Pakistan Global 2022, Sana Hayat. The pageant winner proceeded to speak of the difficult realities women must face in the professional sphere in order to achieve success. However, it seems that the Mere Pass Tum Ho writer did not believe any such difficulties existed.

As Hayat expressed, “it is very difficult for women to work in Pakistan because they become double-minded with societal pressure, family pressure – to make a career with all of this combined is very hard for women in Pakistan because they have to face a lot of hardship, work is also not easy to get on a basis of talent.”

Qamar was rather dismissive of the experiences the pageant winner was speaking of, responding, “Iss ko ayi hongi (she must’ve had bad experiences).” When the pageant winner tried defending her stance, Qamar was quick to say, “Do not interrupt me,” launching into a claim that “poor conversation occurs when you talk based off of your own personal experiences. When your general knowledge about things is poor,” believing that the woman speaking of women’s issues did not have knowledge on the subject.

“Look at what men go through. In the private sector, if a girl wants to get work based on merit, then you will get work on merit. But then when they use other means of finding work, phir mardoun ke haq mare jate hain (then men lose their rights to work). Do not ask for 33% quota then, you don’t remember equality in those moments, then,” the playwright concluded.

The playwright has been known to pass misogynistic views on multiple occasions, having previously abused a journalist for defending the rallying slogan, ‘Mera Jism Meri Marzi,’ along with bashing actor Mahira Khan.

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