Legal Notice served to Director Charged Parking DMC South for overcharging from citizens


Chairman Global Foundation Muhammad Ahmed has served legal notice to Director Charged Parking District Municipal Corporation South through Nasir Rizwan Khan Advocate of Iqra Law Associates.

It was learned that a legal notice served to director charged parking dmc south on Tuesday on which it was mentioned that the charged parking department of dmc south is not performing its mandatory duty, because as per law 10 Rupees for Motorcycle and 20 Rupees for Cars fixed by the said department for charged parking but 20 rupees from motorcyclists and 30 rupees from car drivers are charging within the limits of district south.

Whereas it was also mentioned on the legal notice that as per charged parking rules only one row allowed for charged parking but in every charged parking site there are many rows , which also causes traffic jam.

Moreover it was also revealed by a legal notice that, numbers of charged parking sites are illegal, which has allotted without any auction, which is also bearing heavy loss on the account of government as the officers gave permission of charged parking without any legal procedure by taking heavy bribe.

It was added in a said letter that, the charged parking contractor’s behavior with citizens is very bad and they usually fight and misbehave with citizens.

Whereas it was also stated that, the same concerns has also showed in print & Electronic media but the department has not taken any action.

However 7 days ultimatum has been given to the said department for the redressal of grievances, otherwise the complainant warned to initiate legal proceedings.

It was showed in legal notice that its copy has been forwarded to Director Charged Parking KMC, DIGP South Zone, and Commissioner Karachi, DIGP traffic Karachi, Mayor Karachi, Deputy Commissioner South, Deputy Director Anti-Corruption South and National Accountability Bureau.

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