Lalo Marwari village deprives all fundamental facilities and school occupies by UC Chairman


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By: Arshad Ali Gabol

Oldest village of District Malir Lalo Marwari contains 4 hundreds houses and more than 4 thousand population but devoid from all fundamental facilities like water, Gas, electricity, education and health from 72 years.

In this regard Awami Press Club journalists visited the village on invitation where they found villagers with basic facilities like water, electricity, Gas, School and hospital, where more than 5 hundreds children beyond school.

Rubbish and sewerage water was stagnated in the streets and houses and women and children were affected with many ailments. Because of penury and drought of food women and children looked constrained to sell eating material, child playing toys and holding others shops and stall in order to earn bread for family members.

On that occasion women asked journalists to solve their issues and appealed to raise them before government. Village social workers Ghalo, Jhalio, Mai Jehthi, Goli, Tarsia and others told that there is great violation of humanity in Lalo Marwari village and even powerful people of area have possessed forcibly on their lands and created tribulations in villagers life.

They blamed that on the order of UC Chairman Abdul Rasheed Pahanwar school’s plot is being occupied and if any object on that is raised by villagers then Shah Lateef Police tangles them in different type of fabricated prosecutions and cases on the behalf of UC Chairman.

They further said that they have documents of school plots but can not do any thing even Police does unfair with them on daily basis but does not interest to act against influential people who are involved in illegal confiscation.

They said that they have been surviving their life like animals and prisoners.On that occasion shops and stalls holding women spoke to media and said that they have started selling eating material like Grams, Potatoes, Biryani and Child playing toyes so as to earn bread for their families they further said that their is no any facility in the village to survive good and best life and here they are coerced to spend life like a hell.

Residents of Lalo Marwari village appealed for support from Humanitarian Non Profitable Organizations and Government of Sindh.On the other hand when UC Chairman of Chaokandi was contacted so he told contradicting all the blames and objects of villagers that Lalo Marwari village does not exist but it is community of Hassan Pahanwar village.

Moreover he said that there is no any plot of School but its plot of poor family who has won the case from court and even community has taken decision also in the presence of social activist and respective Khuda Dino Shah on which Marwari community people do not execute. He further said that he has approved electricity in 41lakhs rupees and 6 hundred feets sewage line scheme work is also got done in said community also he intends to work more for them.

He said that contraries are drugs dealer that’s way Police raids on them and gets them under custody with drugs.

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