Lady Sana Jokhio dies after delivery due to alleged negligence of doctor at Aisha Hospital


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Karachi: 19 years old lady Sana Jokhio wife of Shahab-u-Deen Jokhio died allegedly after delivery due to the negligence of lady doctor at Aisha Hospital.

Relatives of deceased sana Jokhio started mourning after hearing news of her death and protested angrily against lady doctor and hospital management led by Shahab-u-Deen Jokhio, Faisal Jokhio after that police reached and hospital management arranged ambulance and handed over dead body to them and they brought dead body at their village Ghulam Hussain Jokhio.

In this respect Shahab-u-Deen Jokhio husband of deceased Sana spoke to journalists and said that he had medical checkup of his wife monthly and lady doctor had been saying that delivery would be normal but on the day of delivery she said that child position is not okay that’s why they will have scissor of her but he refused.
He said that lady doctor frightened him constantly with many ways and made him agree for his wife’s scissor operation and it took 3 hours in operation and lady doctor came to him with good news and said you have become father of baby girl.

He said that he asked about his wife condition from lady doctor in a quick way who said that she is all right, after 2 hour later he went to see his wife but doctor and staff stopped him to see his wife telling that her health condition is okay.

He further added that after passing some time lady doctor came rushing towards him and said his wife condition has become critical so they have kept her on ventilator then he requested them to see her but they were refusing and after passing some hours they told that she is no more but your baby girl is okay.

He said that his wife has died due to the negligence of hospital doctor and staff.
He blamed that his wife was healthy but just because of money greed Aisha hospital management has killed his wife.
He said that hospital management handed them his wife’s dead body after police arrival.

Shahab-u-Deen Jokhio appealed caretaker Minister of health, Caretaker government of Sindh, DC Malir and other relevant officers to take notice of his wife’s death and have action against hospital management after fair inquiry of incident.

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