Kissing your kid on the lips is normal: Mathira defends Feroze for posting image kissing his son


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A recent social media post by renowned actor Feroze Khan has ignited a fiery debate, triggering discussions about cultural norms, parenting, and personal expressions of affection. The image in question depicts Feroze sharing a kiss with his young son. Social media platforms have been flooded with both support and criticism for the actor’s choice to share such a moment, that too, publicly. The varying reactions underscore the complex interplay between personal expression and cultural expectations.

Amid the fervent discourse, television and social media personality, Mathira, stepped forward to defend Feroze. Mathira commented on the post in question, captioned, “Love is the ‘only’ answer,” emphasising that there is no shame in a father expressing love for his own child.

“So many disgusting comments on a pure father and son relationship,” began Mathira. “Shame on the society! Please leave the kid alone! Kissing your kid on the lips is normal, so stop mixing it with the trashy nonsense in your mind! Stop hurting people! Stay blessed, Feroze and the little one is adorable. You stay strong.”

The comments section of the post continued to stay divided. “We all kiss our children on the lips,” said one comment on the post. “It’s called our love for our children. [People criticising this have] just a sick mind. Go and take some medicine from a good doctor.” Another internet user stepped in to defend Feroze as well.

“Just want to question those who are giving negative comments on a father’s pure love for his son,” they began. “Who are you guys to tell him to stop postings these pictures? I think you guys have never [received] this kind of love from your parents. But we all got this kind of love and [these kinds of] kisses from our parents, so we love this picture and Feroze, may God give you all the love you deserve.”

However, others did not quite agree with the public display of affection. “Ain’t no way you all are defending this,” said one comment. “I, myself, am a huge fan of Feroze, but if our hero does something wrong, it is our entire right to correct him, as I have done,” said yet another comment. As the conversation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Feroze’s stance and Mathira’s defence will impact the ongoing debate and public opinion at large.

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