Keep distance from electrical appliances & installations in rainy days; Salman Abdullah Murad


During the three days of Eid-ul-Adha, the management of District Council Karachi carried out its duties diligently and diligently. During this time, work was carried out till late at night.

Chairman Salman Abdullah Murad, Chief Officer Ayaz Hameed Baloch District Engineer Fazal Mahmood Gill visited from time to time. He reviewed the arrangements made.

He also made unannounced visits along with the announcement. At the focal person of the campaign, Sharif Sheikh was assisted by Director Sanitation Mushtaq Mattoo and Sanitation Officer Afzal Al support in his campaign. Matters were started before Eid.

After the Eid prayers, the staff was seen working actively in each union council. The duty of the staff was shifted in three shifts under the supervision of 16th grade officers. Apart from its own machinery and labor, private machinery and staff also took part in it.

Due to the expected rains, steps were also taken in this direction. The emergency centers set up in connection with the campaign did their work in an active manner and received. Complaints have been resolved by the concerned department.

Chairman District Council Karachi Salman Abdullah Murad said that Like every year, this year too, ideal arrangements were made and this time due to Corona virus, in the light of the orders of the Sindh government, Sunnah Ibrahimi had to be performed, which was implemented within our limits.

However, this time the collective sacrifice was given priority and where the collective sacrifice was arranged, the staff was constantly present and disposed of the waste, as well as spraying lime and disinfectant, as well as perfume through the newly purchased machinery.

The spray was also carried out in the evening, the staff was compelled to continue their work till the last offal were lifted, just as the people from all walks of life have been facilitated in the same manner, the officers and members of the council continued. Give my full support.

45300 on the first day of Eid-ul-Adha, 39650 on the second day and 29110 on the third day. While 141 complaints were received on the first day, 112 on the second day and 23 on the third day, which were immediately resolved. The campaign continued on the fourth day to further improve the regional situation.

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