KDA reputation improved due to professional skills of Spokesman Akram Sattar, Syed Shujaat Hussain


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Public Relations department of KDA is fully active to maintain the atmosphere of trust of Karachi Development Authority among the public, without doubt, the Public Relations Department under the supervision of the Spokesman Akram Sattar continues to inform the citizens about the positive initiatives of the department.

These views were expressed by Director General Karachi Development Authority Syed Shujaat Hussain along with Member Administration Naveed Anwar and Member Finance Waryal Indhar while visiting the office of the Public Relations Department.
On this occasion, the Spokesman of Karachi Development Authority briefed DG KDA about the office and administrative matters.

DG KDA Syed Shujaat Hussain while expressing full confidence in the Karachi Development Authority spokesperson said that the public relations department is like the backbone of the Karachi Development Authority.

The reputation of the institution has improved due to the professional skills of Spokesman KDA, he said.

He further stated that I believe in criticism for reform, there will be a dire need for the support and cooperation of print and electronic media to turn the institution towards development.

Karachi Development Authority has also played a role in providing basic facilities to the citizens, it is important that we look at the requirements of this era and determine the correct ways of development and functioning of the organization.

The spokesperson of Karachi Development Agency, Akram Sattar, while briefing the DG KDA, said that due to the progress made in the administrative affairs of the organization, information is being provided easily from the KDA website to the citizens, while social media on a daily basis.

Media is fully active, this new and innovative way of making the information process accessible to the users while the aim of this process is to adapt the organization to new and modern methods .

Later, the Spokesperson of Karachi Development Authority presented a bouquet of flowers and Ajrak to DG KDA. Director Finance Muhammad Kashif Siddiqui, Director C&I Muhammad Arshad and other officers were present during the visit of DG.

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