KDA Public relations department publication & Web Channel Discontinue


Karachi Development Authority Public relations department web channel and issuance of monthly publication has stopped.

It was learned that after the posting of Raees Tabasum an officer of KDA Information Technology Department as Director Media issuance of Monthly Publication “Khadim e Shehar” have facing closure.

Whereas the web channel of Public relations department is also not working after the appointment of said officer, as the web channel was previously used to highlight departmental affairs.

However the monthly publication was also the way to highlight positive image of department among Karachiites.
Sources informed that due to lack of coordination with Journalists newly posted media director failed to publish department’s coverage on newspapers as well as also there is no coverage of department on any electronic media.

It was observed that Previously Posted Media Coordinator Akram Sattar had bring state of the art changes in public relations department, he had introduced monthly publication and web channel which had proved beneficial for the positive image of department.

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