KDA Public relations department employees facing severe financial crisis


Karachi Development Authority Director Media Raees Tabassum has allegdely planned for the closure of media department on which implementation is underway.

As per details, Employees of KDA Media Department are facing issues due to the performance of present media director.
Sources informed that, Majority of public relations department employees are working on a contract basis who are facing dealy in getting monthly salaries from last three months.

The said employees are performing their duties but the director of department is just claiming them verbally for the resolution of their issues but the problem is still stand same.

It was learned that in last three years the public relations department of KDA has contributed a major role for the positive projection of department.

Sources informed that the said director of department is not taking interest in the resolution of his department employees issues.

Whereas Sources said that, Mr. Tabassum claimed that DG KDA Saif ur Rehman have clear stance regarding the contract employees that the said employees could sit at their homes as KDA have no need of such employees.

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