KDA Employees would always remember the services of Dr. Saif ur Rehman; Chairman Mazdoor Union


Abdul Mateen Shaikh Chairman Mazdoor Union KDA Praised the efforts of outgoing DG KDA Dr Saif ur Rehman who had additional charge of Director General of Karachi Development Authority , whereas on Monday Sindh Government posted Asif Ikram on the same post.

While meeting with Dr. Saif ,Mateen Sheikh shared that He has worked for the betterment of department, his plans for the prosperity of the department would remain to continue.

Moreover, he added, The department would get the grant of 400 Million for the payment of employees salaries and pension whereas, in addition, KDA will also get very soon 2 billion rupees grant from Sindh Government, this has make possible by the struggle of Dr. Saif ur Rehman.

Transfer and posting is the part of job but the employees of KDA would always remember the services of Dr Saif ur Rehman for uplifting the department from financial crisis, he added.

Mazdoor Union Chairman expressed best wishes and prayers for Dr Saif ur Rehman.

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