KDA Employees Union slams Sindh Govt for establishing Sindh Master Plan


An Emergency Session of KDA Employees Union held under the presidency of General Secretary Dilawar Khan , Union unanimously condemn the decision of the Provincial Government for the establishment of the Sindh Master Plan.

Moreover, General Secretary of KDA Employees Union stated that, the Previous and Current Local Government Minister assured for the inclusion of Master plan department in KDA but on 18th February the government issued notification for the constitution of Sindh Master Plan which is totally injustice .

He further said that the union would not accept the said decision at any cost as it is the matter of life n death for KDA Employees. Because the employees of Karachi Development Authority already not getting salaries, pension on time as well as also not getting the other benefits including medical allowance.

Whereas Abdul Maroof Spokesman of Union shared that, as per the 2016 bill passed by the provincial assembly master plan would be the part of KDA but the PPP led provincial government had not restore KDA in the previous position in which Master plan and KBCA were the part of KDA.

Moreover, he shared that the said notification has no value until it will passed by the legislative assembly.

Further he urged Minister local government and all the top officials of provincial government for taking back the said notification and warned that if the said issue would not resolve then union would stage protest in front of Sindh assembly and Karachi press club and would also reach the court to get justice.

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