KDA Employees Union demands CM Sindh for approval of Minister Local Govt. & DG KDA Summary regarding Monthly grant


KDA Employees Union Patron in Chief Navaid Anwer Suddiqui ,Spokesman Abdul Maroof, President Nadeem Khokhar and General Secretary Dilawar Khan in a joint statement stated that DG KDA on 9th April sent a letter to Secretary Local Government in which DG shared some suggestions regarding the payment of employees salaries and pensions by increasing monthly grant of Rupees 200.4 Million.

Navaid ANwer shared that DG KDA presented the suggestion for payment of 340 Million Grant on a monthly basis for 4 months, so that the department could pay the salaries and pension of employees in the current situation of lockdown.

KDA Employees Union Patron in Chief thanked to Minister Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah for approval of DG KDA summary and expressed hope that the said request would get approval from the Chief Minister Sindh on a priority basis..

He stated that in the current situation of COVID-19 Karachi Development Authority employees are also disturb and KDA itself is facing a severe financial crisis as the department is not generating funds due to the closure of offices.

He said that in this situation said summary approval is very important for KDA , because of its approval department would be financially stable and could be able to pay the salaries & pensions of employees.

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