KDA Employees Union CBA members reviews ongoing development work in Federal B Area School




On the directives of KDA Employees Union CBA Patron in Chief Syed Imran Hussain ,President Abdul Maroof, General Secretary Qamar Abbas panel members of CBA visited Federal B Area School to review the development work.

KDA Employees Union CBA had submitted recommendations to the management and the Chief Engineer that the building of the Federal B Area School has become out of order, the color and walls of the school classrooms has deteriorated and the sewage system is also badly affected.

On which the CBA took immediate action and asked the administration to immediately start the construction in the Federal B area on the recommendations of the CBA.

Zafar Sheikh Naseem Ansari and Mohammad Waheed, the members of KDA Employees Union, visited the school and reviewed the development work.

On this occasion, more places were identified where work is required.

It was learned that, KDA Employees Union CBA has previously done development work in North Nazimabad School with the joint cooperation of the management.

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