JPMC Employee expresses concern over ignoring qualified, seniors in promotion


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Akhtiar Ali Solangi an employee of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) posted in Emergency Operation Theatre in a letter to JPMC higher officials expressed concern about the recent promotions and asked that it is an issue that requires immediate intervention.

In a letter to JPMC higher officials he stated that, It has come to my attention that promotions at JPMC seem to be overlooking the fundamental principles of merit, qualifications, and experience, Individuals lacking the necessary credentials are being elevated to higher positions, particularly in critical departments such as emergency operation theatres, gynecological operation theatres, main operation theatres, neurosurgery, radiology, and other, This situation raises serious concerns about patient care and safety” .

Moreover he shared in a letter that Many dedicated individuals with proper diplomas, qualifications, and over two decades of experience in various departments are being bypassed for promotions, These professionals have tirelessly served in critical areas, including emergency and surgical units, contributing significantly to the healthcare system.

The consequences of promoting individuals without the requisite educational background and experience can be severe, potentially compromising patient care and safety, he mentioned.

He urged in a letter to review the recent promotions at JPMC and ensure that deserving candidates with the right qualifications and experience are rightfully recognized and promoted.

It is crucial to address this matter promptly to maintain the high standards of healthcare at JPMC and to safeguard the well-being of the patients who depend on the competence and dedication of the medical staff, he added.

He asked for a thorough investigation into the promotion process and appropriate action against any discrepancies found.

At last he requested to all JPMC superiors to promote the remaining ones during the upcoming promotions to the qualified ,educated and diploma holder ones.

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