Internal Elections in Pakistan favourable for rich and powerful people




Election means selection i.e. people choose the best person from among themselves to head any affairs or responsibility so that he can represent them in true sense and has full capacity to solve the issues with tolerance and foresight.

On the contrary, when we look back in Pakistan, we see the selection process everywhere in the name of election. Bar council elections are intra-party elections

Whether it is the election of representatives of the business community or the elections of student organizations, everywhere we find power and money more important than public opinion. The representative who has money is selected, No one had and never has respect for public opinion.

This is the situation of the parties and their leaders who don’t care about democracy, who have no such thing as democracy in their thinking. The more the party funds, the higher the party position.

If there is any biggest fraud and spectacle in Pakistan, it is intra-party election of political parties, no one votes, no opposition candidate stands.

The position of the one who was selected on the basis of money only. This is the reason why officials of political parties leave the life of the party office only after death, not like that, Here is one thing worth noting.

Political leaders who consider themselves as kings, political parties who do not choose their leaders democratically, whose intra-party elections are bogus, can those parties and political leaders provide a strong democratic system to Pakistan or the people?

Those who have money, can they make Pakistan a welfare state?

Be sure to think about this and ask any political party you belong to, that if this position is entrusted to someone, what was his procedure? Remember! This is your constitutional right.

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